Being in my 20’s is a lot of fun but I’m finding it can also be really hard. On one hand I have the unique freedom and confidence of being young and I have time, a passing luxury something I am just starting to realize. As a 20-something I have the time to read, meet people, try out new hobbies, and travel. Nothing is set in stone and I still feel like there is time to change my mind about my beliefs, inclinations, leanings, and path.

At the same time, being 20-something can also be incredibly stressful — there’s that big old daunting thing called the future that I don’t quite have figured out. It’s easy for me to live life with the mindset of “climbing a ladder” where each task, internship, class, grade, and opportunity is the next rung on the ladder of personal success and happiness. The problem with thinking vertically  though is that it puts you under enormous pressure because you  believe that a misstep or missed an opportunity could send you and your entire ladder crashing down forcing you to start again from square one.

Most of the time I love being in my 20’s, but it’s also pretty confusing sorting through all the life options in front of me — how will I spend my time, money, what causes and organizations will align myself with, where do I want to work and what career opportunities exist within those organizations, how will I work my way to my end goal, do I believe in a god if so how does that affect my notions of success and ambition. There are so many questions about what kind of life  I want to lead and what kind of person I want to be.

Nobody tells you that 20 can be pretty hard.

Some days I rock 21, other days I just barely make it home to my apartment where I hide in bed comforting myself with Tumblr and Pinterest.  I take it day by day, being gracious with myself. I am learning to be patient with myself and other’s because we’re all just figuring it out as we go.

This is what 21 looks like for me.

Working hard // I’m not sure exactly what my ideal job description is, my resume is an eclectic mix of jobs and skill sets but I have an idea of the kinds of people I enjoy being around and projects I like working on.

Editing out my life // Less is more, it goes for your closet, decorating, and friendships. Be open to meeting new people and trying new things but don’t feel bad for removing toxic people and habits from your life. Focus on the things and people who add to your life, challenging you and growing you. Editing is living with intention.

Not waiting till later // Later never comes. taking a cue from Nike, honestly just do it– text the guy, ask people out, try that new hairstyle, apply for the position, do the “thing” (haha).

Developing new hobbies // My desire to try new things is far greater than any worry about looking silly or stupid. Boxing, spinning, and learning about different kinds of wine are my new hobbies.

Actually caring about the news // This is the world I’m going to have to live with, current events affect me. I have a stake in all of this.

Saving up // Lots of plans, let’s get a head start on making my creative visions realities and travels happen.

Understanding my parents // I was pretty sheltered as a kid something I resented at the time the more I realized how different I was from my peers, but the older I get the more grateful I am too my parents for saving me  the preoccupation with a  lot of hurtful, damaging, trivial things. The decisions they made make sense to me now and I’m not too proud to admit it.

Listening to music at every chance // Get out of your head, out of your thoughts, listen to music instead.

Perpetual wanderlust // (Dubrovnik, Croatia) (The Central baths in Budapest) (Turkey) (India) (Thailand) (Hong Kong) (Singapore) (Japan) (Iceland) (Switzerland)…(Zion National Park) (The Miami Design District) (Montreal hot Air Balloon Festival) (Antelope Canyon, Arizona)(Skagat valley, Washington tulip Fields) (Maroon bells, Colorado) (Hamilton Pool, Texas) (Lake Tahoe) (The Redwood Forest) —  The list goes on.

Investing in good shoes // Your shoes take you everywhere, wear shoes with good support that will last more than a season, also I totally am impressed by someone with good shoe taste.

Keeping some parts of my life private // Doing some things just for my own enjoyment, not everything I do needs to be documented or shared, try fine tuning a skill without a watching audience. Might seem ironic coming from me, someone who overshares on social media,  I share a lot but I think my best moments are actually the ones no one sees like teaching myself to dance, yoga, night-time runs, song writing and spoken word, things that people don’t necessarily know you do. But I won’t say more because these things are just for me.

But on the flip side sharing my life // Sharing my ideas and beliefs online and in conversation, the fear of rocking the boat are coming on to strong or too passionate are gone. As a 20-something I love candid conversations about things that we truly believe and hold to be true, we’re not here trying to change one another’s minds or convince one another of anything but rather helping one another build our understanding of the world. Your ideas and passions are what motivate you why wouldn’t we share these things?

Embracing my craziness and the unplanned // It’s funny to me that most of my life people would consider me a very serious person, I definitely am a deep thinker and have lots to say but I don’t take myself too seriously. The most interesting people are those that are authentic not appealing to other people or typical norms. Let’s be authentic, innovative, charismatic, quirky, and weird. I want to attract and surround myself with the thinkers and doers, movers and shakers, innovators and creative types.

Blogging // Whether it’s for documentation purposes or an outlet to express myself writing and blogging has become a daily part of my life.

This is what 21 looks like for me.

– V


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  1. Ah, the freedoms of being youthful. Here’s what life looks like now for me:

    Make money // Provide for family.

    Make time // Spend non-work time dutifully tending to home matters.

    That is all.


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