Reflections from Urbana Day 1: What story do I want to tell?

There are hundreds of stories I can tell with my life, what story will I tell?

Tonight at Urbana we were asked to consider  what it looks like to have a bigger view of God and the implications on the trajectory of our own lives. What would it look like to live for more, to seek true Shalom — peace and wholeness that benefits more than ourselves as individuals and our own communities?

The reality is that it would be costly perhaps costing me the way I always imagined my life looking, the financial goals I have for myself, my own timeline, image, comfort, and ideas of what success and personal happiness look like.

Spending time in the Bible, we read about three responses to Jesus in the book of Matthew chapters 1 & 2. The first response was that of the wisemen who when they heard about Jesus coming to earth as King responded by bringing their very best gifts to worship him.

Then there was King Harrod who fought his whole life for power and status to secure his positions. His actions and responses were driven by insecurity and a need to be in control but when he died all his efforts, influence, kingdom, and power died with him and his selfishness caused others grief and suffering.

Then lastly we see Joseph the earthy father of Jesus who had to flee his country to protect his family, he immediately obeyed and did as he was told to do and though doing so meant a less than ideal life as a refugee God always provided.

What will my story be and how will I respond to this God I claim to know and follow as a Christian?  I don’t know what kind  of things I’ll be processing this week and working through, and to be honest it would be easier to just not. Some of these conversations are ones I’ve never had because I know they will be uncomfortable and the implications far reaching; but I also am convinced if I limit my story to the comfortable version I miss out on a chance to be a part of God’s bigger beautiful story.

It’s only the first night and already so much to think about, signing off for tonight but here’s to a week pressing into questions about calling, courage, conviction, and commitment.



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