15 Jobs I’d love to try.

Have you ever sat down and thought about all the different jobs and opportunities you’d take in another life? I’m not talking about regrets or missed opportunities but curiosities, things that”In another lifetime” you’d give a shot or other personas you’d like to try on. No? Oh, maybe it’s just me. Whenever I talk to others about what they’re studying or doing  I often learn about things I personally never considered before, and find myself wondering if I had been exposed to that area of interest earlier if I would’ve pressed into it more. Here’s my list of 15 jobs I would love to try!

1. Revenue Manager for a hotel. Fall of my junior year I got to take a revenue management class in Bu’s School of Hospitality. In this class we were put into teams to act as revenue managers for our respective hotels, each week we set our room prices for business, transient, and group travelers without knowing how other groups were pricing. Our goal was to achieve maximum occupancy but we needed to maintain a competitive average daily rate and overall revenue. In the hotel business we talk about this idea of “perishability”, our product, “rooms and experience”, if not sold one night can never be recovered. It’s the job of revenue managers to set the right prices so we can sell the most. This summer I shadowed a revenue manager, siting down and looking at the computer programs and reports she uses was overwhelming, like real life monopoly. I love the analysis that goes into it but I don’t know if I have what it takes to do that 24/7.

  2. Social worker. My friend Hannah from middle school is studying to be a social worker, hearing her talk about her time in New Zealand and the foster system there as well as all the after school and children programs she’s helped out with is inspiring and concrete ways to make a difference in the system. The oldest of 6 kids I also love children and even when I try not to find myself assuming an older sister role in every community I am a part of. I love sitting down with people, and trying to find solutions and setting goals to help improve mental, emotional, and other difficulties and circumstances.

  3. School guidance counselor. For similar reasons that I’d want to be a social worker, sitting down with high school students and helping them imagine who their interests especially those not represented in the classroom could translate into a major and a career is super exciting. I’d want to be a guidance counselor in an urban setting though helping instill aspiration and providing education available resources to kids like myself who might not have had access to as many opportunities and therefor be unsure as to how high they could aspire to. To quote my school district’s old motto: dream big and work hard to succeed.

  4. Working on a food truck for a summer. Food truck culture is so fascinating to me, especially since I moved to Boston a city with such a robust food truck community. I actually regret not working on a food truck as a part time job while in school at BU.

  5. PR/event planner for music and arts festivals. I love music, growing up the highlight to my summer was the Pittsburgh Three Rivers Arts Festival representing all of my favorite things: arts, music, food, community, and local businesses. Then getting to help with Whirl Magazine’s Yoga festival showed me what the planning side looked like, and despite all the hard work that goes into festivals my love for them has only grown. Creating a scene — that is so life giving.

  6. Pittsburgh Pirates Bucco Girl like my homegirl Jess! If I was in Pittsburgh this summer    I totally would’ve applied. I grew up going to baseball games with my family, when you live in Pittsburgh where tickets can be cheaper to a game then the movie and you have the number one ranked stadium in the MLB (well before the Yankees finished their most recent stadium) baseball is life.

  7. Florist. I love flowers and decorating so much. A life spent making beautiful things is   not a bad life.I actually want to open up my own special event planning/decoration company at some point in time.

  8. Campaign manager for a political candidate. Personal brand management, speech writing, coaching, not being the one running myself but helping catapult someone into office who can has ideas and plans to improve policy seems like a very rewarding engaging career.

  9. Textile and furniture designer for Ikea. I collect ikea catalogues and have mood boards for fun in my sketchbook as well as my own aesthetic is very textile friendly. Also being an interior decorator for them and for their magazine photoshoots would be very very cool.

  10. Talk show host, news anchor, even a news correspondent. Meeting people and sharing their stories effectively, learning about an issue and figuring out the best way to present the facts, professional story telling — yes please. Also, having been terminally shy as a kid, every time I have the opportunity to speak up on behalf of something I take it. There’s still an exhilaration for me proving to myself that I am capable and I do have influence.

  11. Professional organizer. A messy closet is the worst to destress for exams I will recline and reorganize my entire room. I used to ask my mom and sister if I could organize their rooms for them too, sometimes even helping my friends rearrange their rooms to make their rooms feel “new” and maximize space.

 12. Sign maker or professional letterer in addition to designing greeting cards and stationary.

  13. Anthropologie store decorated and visual designer. Considered going to MICA to study design because I wanted to be a store decorated for corporate Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie or something of the sort.

  14. Admissions recruiter. There’s actually a chance this could happen if I go back o grad school that I also end up working in admissions to help cut tuition cost but I’m also the kind of person as I get to know an organization and if I fall in love with it I find myself to be the biggest advocate and sales person for it.

15. National Geographic photographer. I’m not nearly as technically knowledgeable as many of my other incredibly talented friends but I think I have an eye for opposition and a knack for finding stories. I would love to use my photography to go to places I never would’ve imagined going to meet people and learn about other cultures.

– V




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