Current Soundtrack to My Life: Warm Hearts Feel Good.

Halfway through the semester, what have you been learning about yourself? Recently I’ve been learning a lot about self awareness. Might sound cheesy but self awareness is a tool that has helped me gain and maintain a sense of control, rather than feeling like things are simply happening to me self awareness reminds me I choose my internal language, level of pro-activity, and response.  One day till spring break, hang in there we’re almost there!  Here’s what I’m listening to this week, a lot more alternative this week because I need to focus – as always send suggestions my way.

Current Mood: Ella Mai, Switch Sider EP // Leon Bridges // Illenium, Ashes

  1.  Fool to Love, NAO
  2. Move, Ruby Francis
  3. Treat Me Like Fire, Lion Babe
  4. Jealousy, Roy Woods
  5. Jump Hi, Lion Babe ft. Childish Gambino
  6. Better Man, Leon Bridges
  7.  Five More Hours (Don’t Hold Me Back), Deorro ft. DyCy
  8.  Candyman, Zedd & Aloe Blaac
  9. Etiquette Noir, Seinabo Sey
  10. Don’t, Bryson Tiller
  11. Middle, DJ Snake
  12. B’s and H’s, Jhene Aiko
  13. Cold Sweat, Tinashe
  14. Monday, Matt Corby
  15. Helplessly, Tatiana Manaois
  16. Malt Liquor, Lewis Del Mar
  17. Riot, Bibi Bourelly
  18. $150 / Roll Widdit, Healy
  19. Fire, Jack Garett



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