An afternoon with Tzurit Or owner of Tatte.

A couple of weeks ago Tzurit Or, owner and design mastermind behind Tatte came to speak in my marketing class. Or is Israeli, with a background in film making which doesn’t come as much of a surprise considering the exquisite attention to detail evident at Tatte from the plating and display of the pastries to the decor and menu design. Or actually personally designs each location often making the light fixtures herself and finding one of kind tables and chairs and other furnishing from all over New England.  To continue telling her story, after a short stint in L.A. Or quickly became disillusioned with the Hollywood experience and moved to Brookline, MA where she started experimenting with family recipes. Soon after she decided to take her goods and become a part of the Boston Farmers Market Scene. The quality and aesthetic of her pastries quickly  earned her a spot in the coveted Copley Farmers Market and in 2008 she opened her first “Brick and Mortar”. Today, there are five locations and more to come!

Just minutes after meeting Or you  get the sense that when she talks about: aesthetic, soul, integrity, relationship, loyalty, and trust that these are more than words to throw around but actual values Tatte takes very seriously. During her conversation with us Or stressed the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people, protecting your brand, always remembering that money is just money, that every creative/personal/ and business decision has to feel right so go with your gut. I want to start my own business one day marrying my passion for food, design, decor, hospitality, travel, community building and art all together so it was really encouraging to hear Or’s story and seeing how she has worked so hard to make something in her head a reality to be shared.

Something I started doing this year was writing a personal mission statement for each season in my life, when Tzurit came to visit she shared hers. If you haven’t had the chance to check out Tatte yet block off your Sunday morning for the picture perfect Sunday  Brunch. My personal favorite include Avocado Toast, pretzel croissants, fresh squeezed orange juice! Bring a book, journal, and a someone who you have great conversation with — you won’t want to leave.

Words to live by, by Tzurit Or owner and creative mastermind of Tatte

It’s really hard so if you don’t love it you won’t be able to sustain it.

Don’t compromise, do it great!

Don’t let others opinions drown out your inner voice.

Dream YOUR big, and your big will change as you grow.

Be confident. Be determined. Be laser focus.

Have a heart, it’s the only thing that will lead you the right way. It will be there with you to build and maintain the core values, the culture and quality of your company.

We are not in the food biz serving people. We are in the people business serving food. Don’t forget that.

Avoid noises; follow your heart, that gut feeling will likely be the right one for you.

Stay away from cheap money… or as I call it, the millions worth nothing.

Take money that can take you to where you want to be, safe and in one piece [emotionally and physically].

Money will never make you happy, it will allow you to bring happiness to many people’s lives.

Have a heart, do what you love, be honest, be focus, don’t ever compromise, respect yourself and give back.

Give yourself a huge every now and then. It’s not that easy…but you have to.

Be strong. Make it Happen.

-Tzurit Or

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