Current Soundtrack to My Life: Upwards of 60’s.

I only have 2 days left of classes, a group presentation, and a paper between me and this next chapter. Such a strange happening how four years, hundreds of “aha” moments, and thousands of interactions can wrap up so suddenly. Not sure what to make of it, I’m not so sad about college ending because I’m ready for what comes next but leaving Boston, a city and a city of people I have come to love — that’s something I have chosen not to think about quite yet. Today it is upwards of 60 degrees, the warmest it’s been in a while. Sitting at a table at BU beach something I have not done enough in the last four years just taking the day in and focusing on being, “here, now”. Current soundtrack to my moments, and a hunch I’ve found what might end up being the anthem to my summer.

– V

“There’s a daylight going under
There’s a new spark to discover

And you know we’re not getting any younger
So remember, this is our time
I wanna drive an open road
Can we go out tonight
Anything goes
Let’s make a monument for our love, our love”

– Monument, Mutemath

  1. Black Water, Of Monsters and Men
  2. Working Class Heroes, Cee Lo Green
  3. Mindful, K. Michelle
  4. Hypnotized, Akon
  5. Whutcha Want, Giovanni James
  6. Everything In It’s Right Place, Radiohead
  7. No Role Modelz, J. Cole
  8. What Do You Know, Two Door Cinema Club
  9. Ugly Boy, Die Antwoord
  10. Flesh Without Blood, Grimes
  11. Of The Night, Bastille
  12. Smooth Sailing Leon Bridges
  13. Don’t, Bryson Tiller
  14. Goldmine Junkie, Big Grams
  15. The Little Things, Big Gigantic
  16. Heavy Feet, Local Natives
  17. Mountain at My Gate, Foals
  18. No Chill, Vic Mensa
  19. Working for it, Zhu ft. Skrilex
  20. In My Room, DJ Mustard, Yellow Claw
  21. Numer, Daughters
  22. Doses and Mimosas, Cherub
  23. Monument, Mutemath



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