Study break: 808 Gallery.

This week I will be blogging a mini-series of fun things to do close to campus on your study break! Today’s study break was taken at 808 gallery checking out the 2016 Bachelor of fine Arts Thesis Exhibition. If I have you on snapchat I apologize for spamming you with snaps but some of the pieces were too good to keep to myself. Add me on snap to get the live version of my study break series throughout the week (SNAP: vcheng)

Colorful words on walls talking about border control, a faux eye glass shop questioning comfortable perceptions, 3D doodles coming off walls, YUBETRIPPIN diagnosing every day infections like indecisiveness… I spent a good two hours laughing at interacting with the pieces.

If you’ve never been to 808 before, the entrance is on the side right as you cross the BU bridge. Admission is always free and general the gallery is open from 10am-5pm. Sometimes there is a docent, usually a student on their laptop who can tell you a thing or two about their favorite pieces or direct you to a binder of artist statements to help contextualize the artwork.

Because I’ve lived in central campus the last 4 years of my time at BU I’ve walked past 808 every single day. The shows are always both aesthetically dynamic but if you take the time to read the accompanying blurbs on the wall I guarantee you’ll continue to think about the concept long after you leave the gallery.

This was one of my favorite shows to date, it’s especially interesting knowing the work is created by my peers and that this Thesis show is the culmination of everything they have learned both in their studio and through their time at BU. Stop by 808 sometime this week to checkout the Thesis show!


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A faux eyeglasses shop, visitors can try on one of three kinds of glasses. The first style is “Come through”, made with special prescription lenses to help you read between the lines and cut through the bullshit. The second style is, “Throw shade”, aptly designed to refract those ignorant comments that you just don’t have the energy to address.  Lastly there’s,”Be Basic”, which protects you from being judged on your sexuality, identity, gender, or race so you can be generic. Tell me this is not funny, they basic because they too afraid to be woke.


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Anne Fowler, like a 3D sketchbook Fowler’s doodles pour off the wall. I honestly want to sneak back in the gallery with a sleeping bag and a pillow and declare her piece my own fort. 

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Sad, funny, and true statements. Viewers are encouraged to interact with the piece using stickers that say “me, same, or <3” to add to the statements they resonate with. My favorite statements are, “I still can’t figure out when someone is flirting with me”, “I would like to take this moment to appreciate that I did not get my ex’s name tattooed on me”, and “I just mostly hope that we can reconnect in some meaningful way”.

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YUBETRIPIN: Prescriptions for everyday disorders: Motivation deficit, confidence deficit, distractibility  indecisiveness, awakeness at night, disorganization, overly talkative disorder.

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Thinking about stereotypes about Latinos and Border policy. 



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