Study break: Ogawa Coffee.

I am very susceptible to napping: I pull out a book I’ve been excited to read and a few moments later I’m fighting heavy eyes, I grab my sketchbook and a handful of markers to sketch and while choosing the right song to draw to end up curled up in bed scrolling through Tumblr fighting the zzz’s…

Today’s study break takes me to Ogawa Coffee. Most of you have probably stopped in before for their instagrammable matcha lattes, I go because I love the high ceilings, good lighting, space, airiness, and openness. Back to my susceptibility to nap, Ogawa’s ambiance is a nice change from the coziness characteristic of most coffee shops. The good lighting and space means I actually end up being creatively productive.

Located on 10 Milk St, there’s not a ton of seating but if you’re lucky you can snag a large workspace for yourself or grab a seat sitting on the bleachers. I’m by no means a coffee aficionado, I’m more of an ambiance and design magpie. If you’re someone affected by your environment check out this Japanese coffee chain!

– V



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